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02.11.2021, Digital Workshop:

Artists and Philologists: The Scribes of Micrographic Illustrations in Bibles and Prayer Books

The workshop focuses on Hebrew paleography with special emphasis on the script of Masoretic notes and micrographic illustrations. It sets out to shed new light on the scribes of Bibles and Prayer books who added the micrographic illustrations. Questions to address are 

  • How individual are masoretic scripts?
  • How can we distinguish between scribes?
  • The division of roles in producing a masoretic Bible.
  • Does the type of script in the masora figurata illustrations may give hints as to their significance for the respective scribes
  • Differences between Ashkenazi and Sephardic scribes and their methods of Writing?


9 am CET - 5:30 pm CET 


Meeting 1D: 862 0554 3624 

Code: 180505 

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10.06.2020, Abraham Berliner Lecture 2020 with Prof. Dr. Meira Polliack, Tel Aviv University

Due to the current situation with coronavirus, we were forced  were forced to cancel the scheduled workshop and lecture by Prof. Dr. Meira Polliack. Stay connected for further plans for 2020/21.

03./04.02.2020, Research Kolloquium at the Chair for Bible and Jewish Biblical Interpretation, Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies


In February, Hanna Liss and her team organised this year's very intensive and productive colloquium of the chair of Bible and Jewish Exegesis at the Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies. Many thanks to all the presenters, participants, and guests – amongst them the Corpus Masoreticum team Clemens Liedtke, Sebastian Seemann, Maria Seidel, and Renate Smithuis. We are deeply impressed by the quality of the research projects, their variety, and the scientific enthusiasm of all our young scholars!

30.01.2020, Guest Lecture "Textus babylonicus: Der konsonantische Text der biblischen Handschriften mit babylonisch- jemenitischer Punktation" with PD Dr. Gianfranco Miletto

Guest Lecture

Dr. Miletto presented his latest research results of his current project, funded by the German Research Foundation: The aim of the project is the complete collection and computerization of textual variants of the Biblical manuscripts of the Babylonian and Yemenite tradition. The reading variants should then be compared with other ancient textual witnesses (Samaritan text, the LXX and the other Greek translations, Peshitta, and Vulgate Vetus Latina and Targumim) and classified in their historical context. The analysis of these variants will open a new perspective for the reconstruction of the biblical text story and make available a hitherto unexplored material which grants new insights into the historical development of the biblical text, both in its pre-Masoretic and in its Masoretic period.

22.05.2019, Workshop and Abraham Berliner Lecture 2019 with Prof. Dr. David Marcus "The Rationale Behind the Masoretic Notes"

Workshop and Guest Lecture

Dr. David Marcus, Professor of Bible and Masorah at the Jewish Theological Seminary New York, who is also member of our advisory board, held this years' Abraham Berliner Lecture: David Marcus gave a workshop for students and in the evening we had the honour to welcome him to give his well attended and well received Abraham Berliner Lecture.

18.–21.12.2018, Workshop  "Introduction to Codicology and Paleography": Experiencing Jewish Manuscript Cultures


A workshop taught by Hanna Liss and Diana Matut at the Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies introduced – in theory and practice – the necessary methodological tools for the work with as well as research of Medieval manuscripts.

Students learned and experienced how parchment, ink, and quills were made; how codices were bound and written; and to differentiate the different geocultural families of Jewish Medieval manuscripts.

09./10.05.2018, Conference "Masorah and Aesthetics", Heidelberg

International Conference


Wednesday, May 9th: Welcome Address & Lectures


Welcome Address & Presentation of the New Project to Come: Corpus Masoreticum


Coffee Break


Sara Offenberg, Ben Gurion University of the Negev:
Illustrated Secret: Esoteric Traditions and Micrography in Medieval Erfurt

Dalia-Ruth Halperin, Talpiot College of Education, Holon:
Micrography Falconers: An Exegetic Text and Image




Annette Weber, Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies:
The Migration of Micrography in German Lands

Hanna-Barbara Rost, Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies:
Iconographic Research on Masoretical Illustrations in Bible Manuscripts of the 13th and 14th Century


Coffee Break


Hanna Liss, Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies/Heidelberg University:
Figurative Masorah against Christian Hebraism

Kay Joe Petzold, Heidelberg University:
Masorah and Rashi Commentary in MS Vat. Ebr. 14



Thursday, May 10th: Workshop Sessions


Session I: Head Covering/Clothes, Animals in Ashkenazic Masorah Figurata and their Relationship towards Contemporary (Christian) Art


Coffee Break


Session II: Mystical Creatures, Plants/Trees in Ashkenazic Masorah Figurata and their Relationship towards Contemporary (Christian) Art




Session III: Parameter Settings for the Future Database


Coffee Break


Session IV: Codicological and Paleographical Questions